The party of your life: Pubcrawl In Salzburg

What is the pubcrawl about:

The Pubcrawl, also called Bartour, is about visiting as many bars as possible in a single evening. Of course, any bar would be suitable for this purpose, but we at Nightlife Salzburg have made it our mission to present Salzburg’s nightlife only from its best side. Whether bar, pub or club, all venues are handpicked and guarantee you an unforgettable evening.


*Assumed that you can still remember anything the next day.

Bartour Salzburg Bar Club Pubcrawl

Why Pubcrawl?

The people

Drinking alone is no fun. That's why we bring Salzburg's party animals together every night and offer a place to party together. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what brings you to Salzburg, here you will find the right people to dive into Salzburg's legendary nightlife together.

The Locations

It's hard to choose a place to celebrate. Preferences in partying are just different and we know that. Therefore, the tour offers a variety of different bars to cover all preferences. In total, the pub crawl takes us through four venues, and these four couldn't be more different. From exclusive cocktail bars to quaint cellar pubs, there's something for everyone.

The Guides

Planning where to take you and your group for the evening can be quite exhausting. Our experienced party guides are happy to take over this task and bring you easily to the most popular places in Salzburg. They will guide you from one place to the next, make sure no one gets lost, even crack jokes now and then, and are ready to hold your hair if you want to let your inner self out.

The costs

Wherever we go, welcome shots are already waiting for us, we have reserved at least one table and buy at happy hour prices. No bouncer holds us back and we can easily skip any queue. On top of that, we also get free entry to Citybeats, the biggest club in the old town, which would otherwise cost 10€!

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