Blueprint for the best bachelor party ever: ​

The holy trinity of every bachelor party:

The right people

Taking the right people along is an important factor for a successful bachelor party. A group of friends who harmonize well together and are willing to celebrate and drink until oblivion is crucial for the success of the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Legendary Locations

In every city, there are many cool places to hang out, but the fun lies in the variety. Instead of spending the entire night at one location, you can embark on a journey through the best bars and clubs in the city. This way, you'll have a variety of music, drinks, and people, and it will never get boring.

Efficient Planning

Reserved seats, happy hour prices, and VIP status can be organized with a little effort. The key is to plan your bachelor party in a way that you're at the right location at the right time. With some advance planning, managing drinking games, snack breaks, and rounds of shots can be much easier than you think.

Our tour package for your bachelor party:

The Pubcrawl

In the bar tour, also known as bar-hopping or pub crawl, the goal is to visit as many bars as possible in a single evening. While any bar could serve this purpose, at Nightlife Tours, we have made it our mission to showcase the nightlife at its finest. Whether it's a bar, pub, or club, all venues are handpicked, ensuring your bachelor party an unforgettable evening.

The Casino Royal Tour

Clad in elegant evening gowns, you'll experience the thrill of Casino Salzburg's high-stakes games. Afterwards, embark on a guided bar tour through the Altstadt, discovering the city's top bars, pubs, and clubs. Enjoy €30 worth of jetons, complimentary shots, VIP entry, and a personal guide for an epic bachelor/bachelorette party adventure in Salzburg's glamorous nightlife.

The Hell Ride

In addition to the regular entertainment options, there are also some 18+ rated tours for bachelor parties that take the nightlife of Salzburg and Augsburg in a completely different direction. These exclusive experiences, which are not publicly named for discretion reasons, promise an exciting and fiery night for those seeking extraordinary adventures.

The Ex-Wife

While the hell ride may be fun, some people just don't know their limits. For those who not only want to experience hell but also need a reason for divorce, we warmly recommend this tour. We truly hope your friends don't take any photos.

What are the bachelor party special tours about?

The Hell Ride

At the "Hellride," you can expect an unbeatable offer: All-you-can-drink for a full two hours. As you immerse yourself in the waves of drinks, you'll also experience a spectacular, fiery dance show that will leave you breathless. Our talented dancers will elevate your party experience to a whole new level with breathtaking moves and passionate performances!
During the tour, you can expect:
- a private lounge
- 2 hours of All-You-Can-Drink
- a special 15-minute dance show
Price: 60€ per person.

JGA Salzburg Sondertour

The Ex-Wife

The ultimate party tour "The Ex-Wife" provides everything you need for the bachelor party! Embark on an exhilarating bar tour to four unmatched bars and clubs, where each stop awaits you with a complimentary shot, VIP reservations, and exclusive entry. But that's just the beginning! Afterward, our captivating dancers unleash a fiery dance show that will ignite your senses. In the "House of Love," our trusted venue, you'll experience the thrill of endless possibilities while indulging in two hours of free drinks. Get ready to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush as you dive into the dark side of nightlife with Nightlife Tours.

During the tour, you can expect:
- 4 different bars & clubs
- welcome shots at every bar
- a fun and resilient tour guide
- reserved seats at each location
- free VIP entry to all bars & clubs
- 2 hours of all-you-can-drink at the "House of Love"
- 15-minute fiery dance show in a private lounge
- optional: photo collage for the best man/maid
Price: 100€ per person.

JGA Salzburg Scheidungsgrund Nightlife Tours

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